Trough our long-term cooperation with renowned companies in the shipbuilding industry, we are also able to supply you with the following components:


  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Evacuation lighting
  • General alarm systems
  • Door monitoring systems


  • Radar equipment
  • Gyrocompass systems
  • Meteorological measurement Systems
  • Radio installations
  • Echo Sounder
  • Driving and / or speed measurement equipment
  • Plotter, electronic nautical charts
  • Tyfon and Morse Systems
  • Position and signal lantern panels
  • DP (Dynamic Positioning)
  • BIS (Bridge Integrated System’s)


  • PA and speaker systems
  • Batteryless telephone systems
  • wireless telephone systems (analog or digital)
  • automated phone systems
  • Intercoms
  • Satellite communication systems


  • Tv / radio antenna networks
  • Satellite tv systems


  • searchlight
  • spotlight

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